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Harbour Dog Club

The Dog Walkers

Daily dog walks in Battersea Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

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What To Expect

Small Group

Packs are fairly small in size because safety takes precedence over quantity. Maximum of four pack members.


We care for all breeds, and your dog will always be walked by the same person.

GPS Tracked Walk

We use live GPS trackers when exercising dogs off lead for added security.

Canine First Aid

We have canine first aid qualifications, allowing us to handle any emergency safely and quickly. 


We are fully covered for dog walking, pet transport and key holding.

Manage Bookings Online

With our simple mobile app, you can easily manage your account online.

Have you returned to work and no longer have time to walk your dog?

We will pick up your dog from home and take them for a walk.

Cocker Spaniel

Don't feel bad if you have work obligations or want to spend time away from your pet. Owning a canine friend while living and working in London is challenging, and careful planning is usually required. We can walk your dog if you are unable to.

We Offer:


+ Guaranteed walk time of 60 minuets

+ Optional dog wash after muddy adventures

+ Water bowl refill during drop off

+ Personalised consultation for all new clients

Pet Business Insurance
Disclosure & Barring Service
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CPD Accredited
London Borough of Wandsworth
The Royal Parks

Why dog owners pick us?

We are dog owners who understand the planning that goes into having a dog while living and working in London. Our clients value privacy, which is something we struggled to find in the past few years while looking for a dog walker. We drive unmarked ventilated cars and dress casually instead of wearing uniform and driving branded vans. We don't use vans or cages because most dogs dislike them and are not familiar with being transported this way. We have safe and comfortable dog car seats, and nervous or travel sick dogs can ride in the front. Whenever possible, we complete our walks on foot.

Harbour Dog Club Solo Walk

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book daily walks?

In order to keep your place in the pack, you need to book at least three walks per week and commit to the same time and days.

Do I have to pay for walks in advance?

Invoices must be paid weekly using the payment method on file. For walks completed Monday through Friday, invoices go out on Saturday and processed on Sunday. Regular members with 5 weekly walks can upgrade to a monthly account and pay by Direct Debit.

How many dogs do you walk at once?

Maximum of 4 Pack Members.

Where will you take my dog for a walk?

All of our walks take place in parks, green spaces, and along riverbanks where your dog will be safe and fully occupied. We rotate the locations to keep your dog and their friends interested.

What happens in the event of an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, we will contact you right away to discuss the situation. If we are unable to contact you and your dog requires immediate veterinary care, we will take your dog to your chosen veterinary practise or, if necessary, the nearest vet.

Are the dog walkers insured?

Yes. All of our dog walkers are fully insured and DBS checked. They are also qualified in canine first aid.


Will the same person walk my dog every day?

Yes, most of the time. Your dog will have a dedicated carer, however there may be times when we need to transfer walkers due to illness or holiday. Your dog's exact needs will be fully briefed to the backup walker. Our walkers are very experienced, and we communicate constantly to ensure that your dog is always in good hands.

Is it possible for me to meet the person who will be walking my dog?

Yes. Prior to any walks, all new clients must arrange a meet & greet to discuss their dog's needs. These can be booked immediately for a time that works for you.

Do I have to be there when you pick up or drop off my dog?

No, all of our clients give us a set of keys that allow us to pick up and drop off their dog while they are away. All keys are kept in a safe and will never be labelled with anything other than your dog's name.

When you are unable to walk your dog, we will.


Harbour Dog Club

Albert Bridge Rd

SW11 4PF

Tel. 020 7126 8248

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


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