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Group dog walking in Fulham

the extra mile

Harbour Dog Club Founder

Welcome to Harbour Dog Club, a premium dog walking service in Battersea. We understand the importance of your furry family members and are dedicated to providing superior care that goes beyond a simple stroll. With a small, experienced team of DBS-checked walkers who are equipped with canine first aid training, we're ready to go the extra mile for your beloved pets.

Our Mission:
At Harbour Dog Club, we're more than just dog walkers – we're your dog's extended family. Our mission is to offer transparent dog walking services that give you peace of mind, knowing that your furry companion is in loving hands. We're here to make your dog's walk enjoyable, safe, and filled with adventure, all while establishing a trusting bond.

Why Choose Harbour Dog Club:

1. Experienced Team: Our team is knowledgeable in canine behaviour and safety. We build trust with the dogs by focusing on routine and familiarity.
2. Canine First Aid: Safety is our top priority. All our walkers are trained in canine first aid, allowing us to handle any situation with your dog's well-being at the forefront.
3. Routine and Trust: We believe that consistent routines and companionship lead to better-balanced and happier dogs. Our daily walks with the same furry friends help eliminate fears and build strong bonds of trust.
4. Dedicated Dog Owners: We aren't just dog walkers; we're dog owners ourselves. We understand the unique joys and responsibilities of having a canine companion, and we treat your dogs as we would our own.
5. Personalised Approach: Each dog is one of a kind, and we treat them as such. Our personalised approach ensures that your dog's needs, preferences, and quirks are catered to, guaranteeing a happy and healthy experience.


Your Dog's Second Best Friend:
At Harbour Dog Club, we aim to become your dog's second best friend – a trusted companion who brings joy, excitement, and adventure to their day. Our personalised, reliable service is built on trust and genuine care. With a track record of caring for over 20 of Battersea's lovable pups, we understand that every dog is unique.
We invite you to join our growing family of satisfied clients.

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